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CUNY SOM Policy on Attire at Clinical Sites

• All CUNY SOM students should dress professionally see below.

• You must wear your hospital ID badge in an easily viewable location above the waist.

• Always bring your white coat. Your coat must be clean, pressed and worn at all times.

• Students should dress and accessorize in a manner that projects a professional image. Clothes and work shoes must be clean, neat and in good repair.

• Button-down shirts (with or without ties), professional tops, or blouses, pants, slacks, khakis, skirts, or dresses are appropriate.

• Dress shoes, low heels, or flats are appropriate.

• Jewelry should be minimal and understated.

Students should avoid:

• Bare-back tops, halter tops, midriff tops, spandex or other form fitting material tops and low- cut necklines.

• T-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, sweat pants, shorts, mini-skirts (skirts that are shorter than finger-tip length) and spaghetti-strap dresses.

• Clothing or accessories bearing pictures or writing that states or implies unprofessional, illegal, distasteful or suggestive language/activities.

• Sunglasses inside (without medical reason).

• Head coverings, except for professional, medical or religious reasons or for reasons related to practice or Board of Health regulations.

• Slippers and/or open-toe shoes, such as flip flops or sandals.

• Excessively worn, ripped, frayed or wrinkled items.

• Any attire that would be worn for sports activity, except for athletic shoes worn by students involved in providing patient care services.

• Artificial fingernails of any type are forbidden. Muted colors of nail polish are preferred. Nails must be neat.

• Facial piercing on eyebrows, lips or tongue or three or more earrings on one ear.

• Visible tattoos must be covered.