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Repetition of a Failed Course

The Student Academic Progress Committee will mandate that a student who fails one required academic course in an academic semester repeat that course in the next semester or in the next academic year. The academic program for that student must be approved by the CUNY School of Medicine Associate Dean for Student Affairs. Failure of a course that is being repeated will result in a recommendation for dismissal from the Program.

For unsatisfactory performance in a required, non-MED course (including electives), a student will receive a grade of “C-,” “D,” “F,” or "WU" [withdrew unofficially] (see "City College Regulations on Dropping Courses," above) and, if eligible, will be required to take the course again.

For MED courses, the student will receive a grade of “NC” [no credit] for the initial enrollment in the course. Both grades (the originally failed course and the retaken course) will appear on the student's transcript.

Please note that the MED course grades for both attempts will be calculated in the cumulative G.P.A

City Collage adheres to the CUNY repeat policy when determining if the grades from both attempts of a non-med course will be factored into the cumulative G.P.A.. CCNY’s repeat policy can be found at

Failure of a second course in the third-year will be grounds for dismissal.

A student who is given the opportunity to repeat an academic year will have a curriculum developed for the repeat year in consultation with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and the Course Director of the failed course.