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Grading policies and requirements

In all MED courses, students must attain a minimum final score of 70 to pass the course. In MED courses a score of 70 percent is equivalent to a grade of “C”

Letter Grades will be assigned according to CCNY policy and approved by the CUNY School of Medicine Curriculum Committee. All grade information can be found on the CCNY website -


































All course grades will be submitted by the deadline established by City College.

All courses required for graduation must be taken for credit and for a letter grade "C" or Better

Information on the evaluation and grading procedures in non-MED courses will be provided by each instructor at the beginning of the course.

Grades become permanent one year after completion of the course.

At the Course Director’s discretion, a passing grade may be accompanied by a brief narrative further evaluating the student's performance

Upon satisfactory course completion grades of INC will be changed to the appropriate letter grade. Unsatisfactory completion will result in the grade being changed to a failing grade.

Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in all the courses for credit required for graduation and all electives counted towards fulfilling the electives requirement for graduation. A grade of “P” (Pass) will not suffice. The exception is Independent Study, which may be graded Pass/Fail.

Required Minimum Grade Point Average

Students must maintain at least a "C" average, the minimum grade point average allowed by City College, as stipulated in the CCNY Bulletin of Undergraduate Programs.

City College require that a student with a GPA below 2.0 (1.75 or lower if a first-year student) be placed on academic probation. A student on academic probation has one year to improve the GPA to 2.0 or better. Failure to do so will lead to dismissal from the school.

A third-year undergraduate student who is not eligible to repeat a course in the next academic year, either because the student is repeating or had previously repeated an academic year, achieves a grade in a third-year MED course that is below a “C” (i.e., below 70), that student will be ineligible to progress to the Medical school curriculum.

However, if the student’s overall grade is the minimum CCNY passing grade of 70 or higher, the Course Director may award a final course grade of “C” or “P”. If the student successfully completes all other third-year courses, the Student Academic Progress Committee may recommend awarding the student the BS degree, but the student would NOT be approved for admission to the medical school.

Undergraduate Grade Appeals Procedure

If a student disagrees with the Course director’s final MED course grade, the following guidelines govern grade appeals.

• Within five business days after posting of the final course grade, the student must submit a written communication, via CCNY CityMail account, to the Course Director, outlining the reason(s) for the grade appeal, and requesting a meeting to review his or her course grade. At the meeting, the course requirements, grading policies, and the student’s performance will be reviewed.

• Within 5 business days of the meeting, the course director will inform the student of their decision. The decision may be to maintain the original grade or to change the grade and submit an amended grade to the Office of Academic Records.

• If the student believes the Course Director’s decision was not made in accordance with academic standards, or the decision regarding the final grade was arbitrary, capricious, or biased, the student has five business days after receiving the course director’s decision to appeal the decision to the Deputy Dean for Medical Education or his/her designee. A request to appeal must be made in writing via the student’s CCNY CityMail email account, requesting a meeting to review his/her course grade.

• After the review, the Deputy Dean or designee will have 5 business days to inform the student of his/her decision. The designee can advise the course director to maintain the original grade or to submit an amended grade to the Office of Academic Records.

• The decision of the Deputy Dean or designee will be final. No further institutional recourse to appeal a grade is available to the student.