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CUNY School of Medicine Curriculum Map



BIO 10100 Biological Foundation (4crd)

MED 10200 Principles of General Chemistry (5crd)

FIQWS 10013/10113 Freshman Inquiry Writing Seminar (6crd)

MED 11209 Introduction to Population Health and

Community-Oriented Primary Care (3crd)

WCIV 10100 World Civilizations (3crd)

MED 10100 Professional Foundations(0crd)

NSS 10000 New Freshman Seminar (0crd)

ENGL 21003 Writing for the Sciences (3crd)

Elective (3crd)

PHYS 10300 Physics for the Health Sciences (4crd)

USSO10100 Development of the US and its People (3crd)

Elective (3crd)

U2 Fall


MED 20300 Bio-Organic Chemistry (5crd) pre req MED 10200

MED 20000 Intro to Human Genetics (3crd) pre req - MED 20300

MED 22310 Introduction to Epidemiology (4crd)

MED 20400 (M2Cl) Medical Biochemistry (4crd) pre req - MED 20300

PSY 10200 Application of Psychology in Modern World (3crd)

MED 22409 Pop Health & Community Health Assessment (3crd)

Humanities Core - select one course from list (3crd)

MED 22311 Introduction to Biostatistics(4crd)

Elective (6crd)

MED 24409 Evaluation in Healthcare Settings (6crd) class runs from May to July

Humanities Core - select one course from list (3crd)

Elective (3crd)

U3 Fall


MED 30400 (M2Cll) Functional Histology and Cell Biology (5crd) pre req - MED 20400

MED 30000 Introduction to Biomedical Ethics (3crd)

MED 32509 US healthcare System and Policy (3crd)

MED33609 Clinical Anatomy (5crd)

MED 37601 Fundamentals of Organ Systems(4crd)

MED 37602 Fundamentals of Organ Systems II (9crd)

Humanities Core - select one course from list (3crd)

Humanities Core - select one course from list (3crd)

Electives (3crd)

M1 Fall


MED 40709 - Selectives in Population Health l

MED 40899 - Selectives in Population Health ll

MED 43709 - Evidence-Based Medicine

MED 43809 - Evidence-Based Medicine

MED 47719 - OS Musculoskeletal

MED 47829 - OS Gastroenterology

MED 47729 - OS Cardiovascular

MED 47839 - OS Endocrine

MED 47739 - OS Pulmonary

MED 47849 - OS Renal

MED 49709 - Practice of Medicine III M1 FA

MED 49809 - Practice of Medicine III M1 SP

M2 Fall


MED 57919 - OS Reproductive

MED 50000 - Clerkship Orientation

MED 58909 - Practice of Medicine III M2 FA

MED 59009 - Practice of Medicine III M2 SP

MED 57939 - OS Neurology & Psychology

MED 50100 - M2 Clinical Skills Assessment

MED 53909 - Evidence-Based Medicine

MED 57929 - OS Hematology/Oncology

M3 Fall - blocks 1-3 M3 Spring - Blocks 4-6

• M3 clerkships in each of 6 blocks

• Students must take MED 60049 – OB/GYN and MED 60079 – Surgery in different semesters.

• In blocks with OB/GYN and Surgery Clerkships students register for MED 60209 – Clinical Skills Assessment.

• M3 intersession

M4 Fall - blocks 1-6 M4 Spring - Blocks 7-11

Complete the three (3) Core Clerkships during the M4 year and the Intro to Internship Course

• Complete four (4) Electives during the M4 year with no more than three (3) electives in the same specialty

• Introduction to Internship