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Clerkship Grade Appeal Procedure

1. If the student disagrees with their final clerkship grade the following guidelines govern the grade appeal procedure.

2. Within five business days after posting of the final clerkship grade, the student must submit a written communication, via CityMail account, to the clerkship site director, Ms. Alston and the Deputy Dean’s designee to request a clarification meeting with the clerkship director. This meeting will be a face- to-face where the clerkship site director explains how the clinical grade was determined. The clerkship site director may determine that the clinical grade was fairly awarded and remains unchanged, or he/she may determine that a change is warranted, in which case the Associate Dean for Clinical Medical Education will be notified and the grade will be updated in LEO. If the student would like clarification around the non-clinical aspects of the grade, the Deputy Dean’s designee will include them in the appeal process as described below.

3. If the student believes the grade finally awarded was arbitrary, capricious, or reflective of bias, the student has 5 business days after the clarification meeting to appeal the decision to the Deputy Dean’s designee. A request to appeal must be made via written communication, to the Deputy Dean’s designee and Ms. Alston at, using the CCNY CityMail email account, requesting a meeting to review his/her clerkship grade.

4. The Deputy Dean’s designee will conduct a formal review of the clerkship grade or summative evaluation along with any other information that has become available, such as a letter provided by the student with contextual information. This may include meeting with the clerkship director.

5. After the review, the Deputy Dean’s designee will have 5 business days to inform the student of his or her decision. The designee can advise the clerkship coordinator to maintain the original grade or to submit an amended grade to the Office of Academic Records. The decision of the Deputy Dean’s designee will be final. No further institutional recourse to appeal a grade is available to the student.