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City College Regulations on Dropping Courses

After the registration period, a student may drop a course during the time allowed by the City College. To drop a course without academic penalty, the student must drop the course early in the semester. To drop a course without academic penalty, we recommend doing so prior to the first day of class. Please refer to the CCNY Calendar for all important data, including the first day of class for a given semester, drop and withdrawal deadlines and tuition refund dates. If the student drops the course during the first three weeks of the semester, tuition for the course(s) will be calculated based on the CCNY Tuition Refund Policy.

A student who drops a course during the fourth through approximately the tenth week of the semester and obtains the written approval of both the course instructor and the Associate Dean for Student Affairs will receive the non-penalty grade of "W" [withdrawal without penalty]. Although this grade will appear on the student's transcript, it will not be counted in calculating the student's GPA. Instructors cannot assign the grade of "W" [withdrawal without penalty]. Students should consult the official college academic calendar for the exact dates of drop deadlines -

A student who does not complete the formal drop procedure and stops attending the course without notifying their instructor, will be assigned a grade of "WU" [withdrew unofficially - withdrawal without approval]. The "WU" [withdrew unofficially] will appear on the official transcript and e is treated as an "F" [failure]. It is assigned zero points when the student’s GPA is calculated.

Dropping courses--even if the non-penalty grade of "W" is assigned--can have serious negative consequences. City College regulations stipulate that a student who drops 12 credits or more within two academic years be placed on academic warning. A student who drops 18 or more credits may be subject to dismissal. Dropping courses may result in ineligibility for financial aid since many financial aid programs require that recipients satisfy specific academic progress guidelines.