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Notification of Adverse Decisions by the SAPC

The student will be officially notified of all SAPC decisions via an email sent from the Registrar with an attached Academic Standing letter from the SAPC Chair. If permitted to continue in the MD program, the student will be advised of any additional requirements. If the SAPC dismisses the student, the Academic Standing letter will inform them of the right to appeal to the Dean of the School. Cc’d on the Academic Standing letter will be the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Deputy Dean of Medical Education or his/her designee, SAPC Chair via, Registrar, and when appropriate, Chair of the Ethics and Professionalism Committee. This is the only official notification regarding the decision that is transmitted to the student in writing. The CUNY School of Medicine is not responsible for the failure of a student to receive this notification. A student who refuses to claim or accept an official notification of dismissal or denial of graduation loses the right to appeal the decision (see Appeals Procedure).