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Clerkship Attendance Policy

Students' presence, participation, and engagement are cornerstones of clinical clerkships. All clerkship activities are mandatory and include all educational activities and clinical shifts. Clinical shifts may include nights, holidays, and weekend duties.

Determination of an absence as approved, or unapproved is described in the CUNY SOM policy. The Absence policy requires students to report their absences to the clerkship director, clerkship coordinator, and to

Approved absences must be made up. The clerkship site director will determine how missed days are made up. Missed days can be made up during or after the clerkship. Unapproved absences cannot be made up. Students must meet with the clerkship site director after one unapproved absence. Students will be referred to the SAPC for 2 unapproved absences.

Competence in clinical work requires a student to be present, therefore all absences including excused absences may affect a student’s grade. For all types of absences (approved or unapproved), if a student misses more than 20% of the clerkship or the equivalent of 1 day per clerkship week, the student will need to repeat the clerkship. (More than six days for a six-week clerkship and eight days in eight-week clerkship)