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Step 2 Policies

Students may only take USMLE Step 2 CK after successfully completing the M3 year. The deadline for the exam is July 31.

Students Requesting an Extension

Students must submit their request for an extension in writing to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

1. The reason the student is requesting an extension.

2. The date the student plans to take the exam.

3. The student’s last two self-assessment score reports.

4. A plan for preparation including:

A study schedule.

A list of resources the student plans to engage, including tutors or LRC support.

Documentation that the student has discussed the plan with their Medical Student Advisor.

The Associate Dean for Students Affairs will refer appropriate requests to the Step 2 Committee for consideration. The Step 2 committee is made up of the Deputy Dean, the Associate Dean for Clinical Medical Education and the Chair of the phase 2/3 committee.

The Step 2 committee may grant an extension in the case of acute and significant extenuating circumstances resulting in the student’s inability to sit for the Step 2 exam by the deadline.

Step 2 Failure

Students must have a passing score in the Step 2 exam by May 1 to be certified for graduation. The SAPC will require students who do not pass by May 1 to take an administrative leave and will consider allowing the student an opportunity to repeat the M4 year.

Students who fail the USMLE Step 2 exam while on a required clerkship or elective experience will finish the clerkship block and meet with their student advisor to plan any schedule modifications.

Students must retake Step 2 with enough time to record a passing score by the deadlines set by the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) to be verified for the Match and to be verified for Post-match Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP). Students should review the reporting schedule for Step 2 on the USMLE website to ensure that their scores will return in time.

Any deviation from this schedule must be requested in writing two weeks before the deadline to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and be approved by the Step 2 committee. Students who fail Step 2 a second time must create a written plan of study with their Medical School Advisor or another faculty member and present it to the Step 2 Committee and the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

Students who fail the exam a third time will be subject to dismissal by the SAPC. Students who are given the opportunity to repeat the M4 year will sit for the exam by July 1 of their second M4 year.