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Exam Policy

Students, at all times, are expected to refrain from behavior that compromises an exam as an instrument of a fair evaluation for every class member. Students may not engage in conduct which impairs the ability of fellow students to complete the exam without disturbance. Students may not use any reference source, including other persons or material recorded in any form, or any data retrieval devices while the exam is in progress. Students must adhere to the Honor Code. It is imperative that students respect and follow the direction of the proctors. Failure to do so is grounds for professional citation and dismissal.

Exam Behavior:

Each student is expected to be seated in place for the announced exam start time. Students who are more than 15 minutes late from the stated exam start time will not be admitted. Course directors are not empowered to change the exam start time and should not be called to allow students to start NBME examinations later than 15 minutes. CUNY SOM has adopted the NBME testing regulations for all exams. Proctors must document and report any violation of the NBME regulations. The following items must be left in the area designated by the course director:

● iPads/tablets turned off;

● Cell phones turned off;

● Paging devices turned off

● iPod, radio or media devices turned off;

● Calculators;

● Recording/filming devices;

● Beverages or food of any type;

● Reference materials (books, notes, papers);

● Watches with alarms, computer, or memory capability turned off;

● Backpacks, briefcases, or luggage;

● Coats, hats and head coverings (other than those worn for religious reasons).

Students will not be permitted to enter the test seat with prohibited items.

In the event of computer malfunction or any circumstance under which a student is unable to continue with an exam due to testing site issues, the timing on the exam stops until the problem is resolved. Proctors remain on site until all students have finished their exams.

Students should recognize that NBME can and will evaluate any claim of test irregularities or computer malfunction. The NBME report is taken as the final proof as to whether any testing or computer issues occurred during the examination.

Students may not leave the exam room for any purpose other than to use the rest room. No personal or test related material may be left or used in any school rest room during the examination. Each student will be provided with an exam answer sheet on which they may record their answer choices. These answer sheets will be distributed during the Exam Review Session and will be collected at the end of the test and; students will not be allowed to use other than the provided scratch sheet(s). Upon completion of the exam, all scratch paper sheets must be turned in to a proctor. Students are not allowed to remove any notes taken during the exam from the exam room.


Students may not take an exam when sick. Make-up examinations may not be offered to students who report an illness during or after completing the exam. Students who are not well on the date of an exam must notify the Course Director and Student affairs will determine if an absence is excused or unexcused.