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Requirements for the awarding of the Baccalaureate degree

To be eligible for graduation, students must have successfully completed the entire curriculum and all other CUNY School of Medicine academic requirements.

Recommendation for graduation are based upon satisfactory completion of the curriculum in accordance with the requirements of the Board of Regents of the State of New York, the Trustees of the City University of New York, and the faculty of CUNY School of Medicine.

Receiving the BS degree requires resolving all fiscal obligations to the City College of New York and the successful completion of at least 120 credits of coursework. The Biomedical Education BS Program includes 99 Major and General Education credits and 21 Elective credits. Specific course requirements are listed in the Curriculum Map. Individual degree audits will be listed within CCNY Degree Works -

The School of Medicine reserves the right to withhold the BS degree from any candidate whom the Student Academic Progress Committee has not recommended for graduation on grounds of moral or ethical unfitness for the profession of medicine.

Students have the right to appeal denial of graduation decisions to the Dean of the CUNY School of Medicine (see “Appeals Procedure,"). A student who refuses to accept the official notification letter loses the right to appeal the decision.