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Academic Probation during the Undergraduate program

The SAPC will place undergraduate students on Probation in accordance with the policies of the CUNY School of Medicine and the City College of New York.

Students who fail to successfully complete one or more required courses in a semester (see "Curriculum Requirements" and "Grading Policies and Requirements) will be placed on Academic Probation. The CCNY Bulletin of Undergraduate Programs specifies additional criteria that warrant probation for all CCNY undergraduate students, including undergraduate students in the CUNY School of Medicine (e.g., failure to maintain the minimum required GPA of 2.0).

To be removed from academic probation, a student must clear his or her record of all academic deficiencies within one year, including incomplete grades in progress. If the student's deficiencies are not corrected, the student will be recommended for dismissal from the program.

The SAPC will determine what actions a student must undertake to be removed from professional probation. The determination will be based on the action that caused the student to be placed on professional probation.