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Satisfactory academic progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress is a standard used to measure a student’s successful completion of coursework toward a degree. To achieve satisfactory academic progress students must:

● Meet all academic standards established by the City College of New York (as specified in the CCNY Bulletin of Undergraduate Programs), including maintaining at least the required minimum grade point average of 2.0 (“C”) for the BS degree.

● Earn passing grades in all courses required for graduation (described in the following section).

● Earn 3.2 or above in their undergraduate coursework.

Students who fail to fulfill the above requirements may be:

• placed on probation

• given the opportunity to repeat an academic year

• required to complete a remediation program

• placed on administrative leave

• dismissed from the program (see “The Student Academic Progress Committee,” below)

Students with GPAs lower than 3.2 and/or an adverse report in their record will be required to appear before the SAPC. Students will have an opportunity to submit a statement and present information (personal, medical, etc.) relevant to their academic and professional performance. The Committee will review the student’s academic and professional record and may decide to:

• promote the student to the M1 year without imposing any additional requirements;

• promote the student to the M1 year on Monitored Academic Status (MAS) with specific requirements for advisement and support;

• place the student on Administrative Leave for one year, impose requirements for remediation, and allow the student to petition to advance to the M1 year the following year; or

• NOT promote the student’s progression to the M1 year. A student deemed not suitable to enter medical school may have completed sufficient credits to be awarded a BS degree or can decide to transfer to another CCNY major to graduate with a BS degree.