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Academic or Professional Probation

Academic or Professional Probation is a formal designation that is recorded on the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE). If placed on probation, the student will have 12 months to improve their academic/professional standing. Failure to improve academic/professional standing by the end of 12-month will result in recommendation for dismissal. Students will receive this designation for:

● Professional misconduct deemed by SAPC to warrant this designation .
● Failing one course (each Organ Systems module is a course) or clerkship.
● Receiving two Conditional grades in pre-clerkship (M1 and M2) years .
● Receiving two failures of Shelf Exams on the first attempt or one clinical clerkship failure during clerkship (M3 and M4) years .

The SAPC will determine the conditions that are required to remove the probationary status