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Academic Due Process and Academic Standing Notifications.

The SAPC, in consultation with the Registrar, will notify in writing students who have not met the standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress outlined above (Requirements for Academic Progress and Graduation, Qualitative Measures and/or Maximum Time Frame). The student will be notified that their record will be discussed at the SAPC meeting and informed of the option to present their case in writing and/or in person. The letter will provide information on the reasons they are being discussed and the students’ rights. The notification will indicate the nature of the deficiency, any methods that may be available for correcting the deficiency, and any consequences that have resulted or may result, such as Monitored Academic Status (MAS), Academic Probation, or dismissal. The student will be advised to meet with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, who will act in the capacity of student advocate, to learn about the proceedings and to ensure that the academic standards review process occurs. Students are officially notified via receipt email from the registrar’s office. The Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Deputy Dean of Medical Education, or his/her designee, SAPC Chair, and Registrar will also be notified.