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BS Program Electives Requirement

For the BS program students must successfully complete a total of 21 credits in free elective courses. To complete the Liberal Arts and Sciences requirement at least 2 credits must be fulfilled with courses designated as Regular Liberal Arts and Sciences courses. Eligibility as Regular Liberal Arts and Sciences courses is determined in accordance with the NYS Education Department definition: “The Liberal Arts and Sciences comprise the disciplines of the humanities, natural sciences and mathematics, and social sciences. Therefore, a student may take any elective course in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences that meets this requirement.

Students are strongly advised to fulfill the electives requirement as prescribed in the curriculum by no later than the Fall semester of the third year, since the demands of the remainder of the curriculum make it extremely difficult to take electives.

The free elective credits required for graduation may come from any combination of credits transferred at the time of admission, including CCNY courses in any division, e-Permit courses taken at other CUNY institutions, or credits transferred from work at other colleges.