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Student Code of Honor

The Student Code of Honor states, “As the future physicians of America, we the students of the CUNY School of Medicine/Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program, have the duty to uphold the highest standard of ethical, professional, and respectful behavior. In the future, as physicians, our actions can have profound implications on the well-being of our patients; therefore, it is crucial that we accept responsibility for our actions now."

According to the American Medical Association (AMA) Code of Medical Ethics, “those who serve patients should uphold the standards of professionalism, be honest in all professional interactions, and strive to expose those who are deficient in character or competence, or who engage in fraud or deception. As testimony of our dedication to this society and to the preservation of its esteem, we deem it necessary to acknowledge our responsibilities and to accept them.”

This Code of Honor charges students to live in a community that values the highest standards of ethics and behavior and to take responsibility for enforcing those standards. As such, the Student Code of Honor provides specific instruction for the hearing of cases by the Student Honor Code Committee. This committee may refer cases to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs who in collaboration with the Deputy Dean for Medical Education and the Chair of the Student Academic Progress Committee will make decisions about a hearing before the Student Academic Progress Committee.