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Humanities Core Requirements

Biomedical Science students are required to complete four (4) courses from the list below. These courses must be taken in residency and be completed with a minimum grade of C (70) and no reassessment will be permitted. No substitutions or AP exemptions will be permitted. Students are advised to take only one course from the Humanities Core list per semester of years U2 and U3. If you have any questions or seek advisement, please contact your academic advisor in student affairs.


ANTH 10100

Intro to Anthro

ANTH 20100

Cross-Cultural Perspectives

ANTH 20300

Human Origins

ANTH 22500

Class Ethnicity and Gender

ANTH 31160 (see department for info)

Leadership in Health Equity

Computer Science

CSC 10200

Intro to Computing

CSC 10006

Into to Programing and Comp Science

CSC 10800

Foundations of Data Science


PSY 10299

Psychology in the Modern World


SOC 10500

Individual, Group and Society: An Introduction to Sociology

SOC 23200

Methods and Techniques of Sociological Research

SOC 23000

Qualitative Research Methods

SOC 23800

Contemporary Sociological Theory


SPCH 11100

Foundations of Speech Communication

Woman’s Studies

WS 10000

Women's Gender Roles in Contemporary Society

WS 25300

Gender and Social Policy

WS 24659

Anthropology of Gender & Sexuality