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E-Permit Courses

A student who plans to take college courses at a CUNY college other than City College after enrolling in BS Program must apply for an e-Permit. E-Permit facilitates obtaining permission to register at other CUNY colleges. E-Permit courses may fulfill general education requirements for graduation, but cannot substitute for any required MED courses.

For an e-Permit course to be counted in fulfilling requirements for graduation, a student must take the course on a letter grade basis (not Pass/Fail) and earn a grade of "C" or better.

If a student plans to take a course at another CUNY college, the student should first meet with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs for academic advisement and program approval and then file for an e-Permit, following the College’s guidelines:

E-Permit course grades are recorded on the official transcript and are included in calculating the student's City College GPA.