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The Student Academic Progress Committee may dismiss a student from the CUNY School of Medicine if a student has serious academic or professional deficiencies that, in the committee’s opinion, the student is unable to continue with the program. Dismissal may occur, for example, if a student:

  • Fails to earn removal from academic probation within one year, especially when the student has multiple or repeated academic deficiencies;

  • Fails any course during a repeated academic year;

  • Receives a Conditional grade in a third Organ Systems course/module in the Pre-Clerkship (M1 and M2) years;

  • Fails a course or module or clerkship a second time, no make-up tests or reassessments are allowed;

  • Receives a conditional grade in a third shelf exam (third conditional grade) in the M3 year;

  • Fails the clinical portion of 2 clerkships;

  • Fails any course or clerkship the student is repeating;

  • Fails to meet professionalism competencies.

When a student is considered for dismissal, the SAPC will first review the case and then decide whether to proceed with a Dismissal Hearing. If the SAPC determines that grounds for dismissal for academic performance or professional conduct may exist, a dismissal hearing will be conducted. The student is entitled to be present at a Dismissal Hearing and may bring one support person. Ahead of the hearing, the student must inform the SAPC of who the support person will be and what their relationship is to the student. The support person is not permitted to speak during the proceedings. The student is also entitled to hear a summary statement of the concerns of the SAPC, make an oral statement, and rebut any adverse information. The SAPC members will have the right to question the student.

The student and the student’s support person will not have the right to be present during deliberations of the Committee. Motions related to the student’s academic status will be voted upon using a secret ballot.

The Associate Dean for Student Affairs and the CUNY School of Medicine/ Counseling Center staff are available to provide transition-career counseling for any student who is dismissed from the CUNY School of Medicine.

Students have the right to appeal dismissal decisions to the dean of the CUNY School of Medicine (see "Notification of Adverse Decisions and Appeals Procedure).