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Requirements for progression to the CUNY School of Medicine MD program

The final decision about promotion into the medical school portion of the program (Years M1-M4) is made upon completion of the spring semester of the U3 Year. Prior to entering the Medical School, students are notified of their final progression status via official letter from the Chair of the Student Academic Progress Committee

Students with GPAs higher than 3.2 and with approval from the Student Academic Progress Committee will progress into the medical school.

Effective Fall 24, students that are graduating from the Biomedical undergraduate program during and after the academic year of 2026/2027, will be required to have cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater and a Science GPA of 3.3 or greater for progression into the MD program.

 The Science GPA is calculated from grades earned in the following courses:
Biology 10100 - Biological Foundation
MED 10200 - Principles of General Chemistry
PHYS 10300 - Physics for the Health Sciences
MED 20300 - Bio-Organic Chemistry
MED 20000 - Intro to Human Genetics
MED 20400 - Molecules to Cells 1
MED 30501 - Molecules to Cells II
MED 37601 - Fundamentals of Organ Systems l
MED 37602 - Fundamentals of Organ Systems II
MED 33609 - Clinical Anatomy