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Requirements for Academic Progress and Graduation

Each student at CUNY School of Medicine is required to successfully complete all required courses, clerkships, and examinations to graduate with the MD degree. CUNY School of Medicine does not measure academic progress by means of a cumulative grade point average but rather with grades of Pass or Fail in Years M1 and M2, Clerkship orientation, M3 intersession, M3 Neurology Clerkship, M2 Summative OSCE, the End of M3 Clinical Skills Assessment, electives and the Introduction to Internship and with grades of Honors, High Pass, Pass, or Fail in all other clerkships in Years M3 and M4. Specifically, all courses in M1 must be completed with a grade of Pass for progression to M2, and all courses in M2 and the USMLE Step 1 must be completed by the date required by CUNY School of Medicine with a grade of Pass for progression to M3. Students must complete all courses in the pre-clerkship curriculum and demonstrate readiness on a school-administered assessment examinations to be certified to sit for Step 1.

To graduate, students must pass all courses, clerkships, and summative OSCEs (M2 and M3), and must pass both Step 1 and Step 2. Students must also successfully meet all program competencies including those that pertain to professional behavior to progress to the next academic year, phase or to graduate.