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The academic requirements for the MD degree include the satisfactory completion of the MD curriculum at CUNY School of Medicine. The Student Academic Progress Committee monitors and determines each student’s progress in working toward the MD degree.

MD Program Progress Requirements

All students in the MD program are required to successfully complete all The CUNY School of Medicine’s required courses, clerkships, and examinations to progress through the curriculum and fulfill graduation requirements. The Offices of the Registrar and Financial Aid, the SAPC, the Learning Resource Center, and the Deputy Dean for Medical Education and Associate Dean for Student Affairs collaboratively shall have the responsibility for monitoring and enforcing Satisfactory Academic Progress.

To progress to the M2 year students must complete the following

• Pass all the following M1 Courses



MED 40709 - Selectives in Population Health

MED 40899 - Selectives in population Health

MED 43709 - Evidence-Based Medicine

MED 43809 - Evidence-Based Medicine

MED 44719 - OS Musculoskeletal

MED 47829 - OS Gastroenterology

MED 47729 - OS Cardiovascular

MED 47839 - OS Endocrine

MED 47739 - OS Pulmonary

MED 47849 - OS Renal

MED 49709 - Practice of Medicine III

MED 49809 - Practice of Medicine III

To progress to the M3 year students must complete the following:

● Pass all the following M2 Courses


● Pass the USMLE STEP 1 Exam



MED 57939 - OS Neurology / Psychiatry

MED 50000 - Clerkship Orientation

MED 57919 - OS Reproductive

MED 57929 - OS Hematology/Oncology

MED 53909 - Evidence-Based Medicine

MED 50100 - M2 Clinical Skills Assessment

MED 58909 - Practice of Medicine III

MED 59009 - Practice of Medicine III

To progress to M4 students must complete the following

All M3 Clerkships

MED 60209 - M3 Summative OSCE/ Clinical Skills Assessment.

To be eligible for graduation, the M4 Year students must complete the following

• Complete the three (3) Core Clerkships during the M4 year and the Intro to Internship Course

• Complete four (4) Electives during the M4 year with no more than three (3) electives in the same specialty


• Pass the USMLE STEP 2 Exam