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Students in the MD program are required to be enrolled fulltime each semester. Fulltime status requires a minimum of 9 credits in each of the fall and spring semesters unless mandated..

Students must register on time for all courses required under the prescribed curriculum to maintain their enrollment in the CUNY School of Medicine. A student who fails to register during the registration period allowed by the College will be considered to have resigned from the MD Program. A student will also be considered to have resigned from the program if the student, without the prior written approval of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, either (a) does not register for all required courses under the prescribed curriculum but registers instead for other non-required courses or (b) registers for all required courses, but then changes his or her registration from these courses to other non-required courses.

Except in the M4 year, students are not permitted to drop courses after the registration period. Dropping courses in the M1, M2 and M3 years will result in removal from the MD program. Students will be required to meet with their advisor to discuss any need to modify their registration. During the M4 academic year, students will receive detailed instructions regarding the enrollment process and be given the opportunity to select specific courses. The adding and dropping of M4 courses is permitted and will be coordinated and monitored by the M4 Coordinator.